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Open, distance and

Expanding and strengthening traditional and open, distance and e-learning programs

SHEAMA’s focus on open, distance and e-learning (ODeL) is multifaceted, working with university partner staff and faculty to design and implement courses, coordinate resources between universities, convert face-to-face courses to distance learning, introduce hybrid courses, and coordinate with the government of Malawi to improve ODeL quality and standards nationwide. While the COVID-19 pandemic increased global focus on distance learning, SHEAMA aims to utilize ODeL methods to increase access to quality higher education over the long term, not only in emergency situations.
  • Strengthen existing and create new open, distance and e-learning centers
  • ODeL centers
  • University collaboration
  • Course delivery

Success story

With limited resources, Malawi’s higher learning institutions have always regarded each other as competitors. Through SHEAMA, five public universities are working together to provide widespread open, distance and e-learning.